Sunday, May 25, 2014

Strawberry Sunday

I’m sorry for this weeks delay, this friday I had a little bike acident. I had to spend the evening getting patched up. The upside is there is no real damage on me, but the downside is my trusty old bike is broken, and it might be beyond repair. Shimano had a recall of the piece that broke and pierced my leg in 1997, long time go, but this never reached me, so my bad.

This week I have a redone kit for you, Strawberry Sunday, I was looking over old Layout's from my former CT and I fell in love with the pages done with Strawberry Sunday, so I took my old design files to hand, and played a bit with them. I have drawn new elements, and even crocheted my own little hearts and flowers to extract. So with new colors, patterns and embelishments I present you Strawberry Sunday.

I made some cluster too:

And a mini set of elements:

The Strawberry Fairy's I made them for my girls, to print out and have them play with them while I planted a new Strawberry Patch. Perfect for card making.

To save a bit there is all of the Strawberry goodies bundled up:

Some inspiration from my CT:

And this one by Angela

I also have a freebie in two parts again, one part in the newsletter, and one part here.

This is the part you get here on the blog:

This is the other part in my newsletter, I will resend it one more time tomorrow.

Happy scrapping!