Ziska AAM

I'm Franziska in the middle of my golden thirties and loving mom of two beautiful girls.

I'm nuts about all things creative. Often I can't decide which project to start first, and to the scorn of my better half there is a lot of supplies piling up in our appartment.

To avoid to add more bulk to the drawing materials cluttering my workspace I was trying my hand at digiscrapping, and I loved it, if only the day would provide more hours. So I moved to scraping for my private pleasure and oftentimes end up creating something hybrid.

Since I work again full time there is even less time left to cater to my crafting needs. I tend to spend the last hour of my waking time with little craft projects for my own pleasure.

I like to work with fibers and wire. Sometimes I create jewellery, but most of the time I have the feeling I hoard supplys just because of the beauty of them.

This blog changed it's focus, from digiscrap supply's to show of my adventures in crafts.