Friday, March 21, 2014

New in the garden Kit

Are you a garden enthusiast like me?
The first signs of spring sun get me all tinggly to burry my hands in the soil and plant something.
I made this kit for all who like to garden and take pictures of it, visit gardens, or enjoy spring.

Be sure to grab it while it is on sale 30% off!

 Some Inspiration how it could be used?
Let me show you what the CT's have created:
I had fun playing with it too, so here are some clusters, both versions with or without the paint:

And lastly there are these templates, perfect for double page Photobook pages, all the ribbons are so much fun!

Some Inspiration for you how to use them:

I admit I live in a flat, without a garden, but here in Leipzig there is a thing, you could rent little gardens, but my budjet is low. So I had to be creative I asked for a garden where no one did anything for the last years, and I got one, for hopefully not so much. I will post pictures soon. since today the sun is shining and I got the keys I will head there midday and get my hands dirty in the quest to get rid of the blackberrys which inhabitate the whole place.
I'm excited, but I'm the only one in the family...

A little freebie for you: